Anti Runners

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A bug in the code produced 10,000 Anti Runners


Anti Runners is a fully on-chain derivative project created by two brothers who are both engineers and love building things fully on-chain. We are big fans of Chain Runners, Blitmap, and Anonymice. We knew we wanted to build a Chain Runners derivative, but because neither of us are artists, we opted to build something where we could rely entirely on our programming expertise.

Anti Runners mint from token 10,000 down to 1, and each has a corresponding sibling Chain Runner with the same token ID. Anti Runners share traits with their siblings, except they have a different underlying race. What would it look like if my human runner was a bot? Or if my alien was a skull?

Because Anti Runners are attached to their sibling Chain Runner with a common DNA component but exist as the “Anti” version, when they are reunited together in the same wallet, interesting things tend to happen…

Minting is live on our website: antirunners.xyz

Public Mint is 0.05Ξ (Chain Runner holder’s get half off)

30% of mint goes to the Chain Runner’s team and Blitmap artists.

Check out our minting experience: