What are Derivatives?

Chain Runners is CC0! This means you are free to use the art however you like.

Derivatives are fun community driven projects built on top of the Chain Runners platform. If I had clothes, car, land, these could be considered components of a metaverse built on top of a digital identity. Imagine this space as *your* computer on a shared runner network. We believe we’re in a position to create fun, narrative driven experiences that can break convention and we can't wait to build more. Read more here

Why would I create Derivatives?

Derivatives are a fun way to extend the Chain Runner ecosystem you are a part of. Build a business around a specific trait or token you own. Derivatives are a fun way to bring the community together, inspire ideas, and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Are there any rules/guidelines for Derivatives?

Outside of using the Chain Runner name. No. Avoid using the name “Chain Runners” or “Official” in your derivative works.

What does it mean that Runners are CC0? What can I do with them?

Chain Runners is officially CC0 licensed (public domain). This means you are free to make and profit from derivative works. We’re following the lead of some amazing projects that have inspired us (blitmap, nouns, toadz) and believe that giving freedom to creators to expand and build the universe only enriches the core and strengthens the community. Hope to add some more thoughts/guidance around this in a blog of some sort but our only ask is that you refrain from doing anything that might confuse people. This means avoid using the name “Chain Runners” or “Official” in your derivative works. Examples:

  • Scruffy Runners
  • Stich Runners
  • Runners of The Chain
  • Chain Runners
  • Chain Runners 2
  • Chain Runnerz
  • Official Runners We want to be as open and as flexible as possible with this. We trust you but if you’re unsure during the creation of your derivative project feel free to reach out.

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Community Derivatives

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